Verizon will stop limiting your video streaming quality for a fee

When Verizon brought back unlimited data plans earlier this year, the announcement was met with excitement as well as pessimism. The excitement was abundant for obvious reasons, but various catches such as throttling after 22 GB of use per month and limiting of video streaming resolution seem to have put a small damper on the Unlimited Plan excitement.

Since these plans reappeared early this year, Verizon has limited the quality of video streaming according to two different plans and price points. For $75 per month, theĀ Go UnlimitedĀ plan allows streaming up to 480p. For $85 per month, the Beyond Unlimited plan offers streaming up to 720p on phones and up to 1080p on tablets.

Now, available for the first time on November 3rd, Verizon customers can completely remove all video streaming quality restrictions for an additional $10 per month per line. This means that you can stream all of your full content at full resolution, even if that resolution is 4K. This increase to $95 per month creates a significantly large cellular bill, but to those who are willing to pay the price, the ability to stream at full resolution is a welcome change.

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Source: The Verge