Here’s what Apple is looking for when shopping for new TV shows and movies

Apple is planning to deploy a $1+ billion budget for original video programming over the next year.

As the Cupertino tech giant is working to build momentum in original content, Bloomberg on Wednesday highlighted the types of TV shows and movies Apple is looking for.

Being a conservative corporation with a carefully cultivated and a bit Disney-fied brand, Apple is basically looking for TV shows and movies that are safe for families rather than Game of Thrones-like content with nudity and violence.

In short, the company is looking for Apple Store-friendly original video content, mainly comedies and emotional dramas with broad appeal.

Apple isn’t interested in the types of shows that become hits on HBO or Netflix, like “Game of Thrones”—at least not yet. The company plans to release the first few projects to everyone with an Apple device, potentially via its TV app, and top executives don’t want kids catching a stray nipple.

Every show must be suitable for an Apple Store.

Instead of the nudity, raw language and violence that have become staples of many TV shows on cable or streaming services, Apple wants comedies and emotional dramas with broad appeal, such as the NBC hit “This Is Us” and family shows like “Amazing Stories”.

Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment, thinks it’s about finding that “sweet spot with content that is creative and challenging but also allows as many people in the tent as possible.”

I just hope that whatever Apple does they’ll eventually look into acquiring or producing some of the edgier programming that’s fueled the new golden age of television. I’m not keeping my fingers crossed, though—to Apple, their brand is the most important thing.