Google launches new app payment platform “Pay with Google”

Google today announced that its new mobile app payment platform, dubbed “Pay with Google,” is now ready for commercial release following a sneak peek of the feature during the Google I/O conference in May 2017.

Taking advantage of the Google Payment API, this feature permits Android device owners to use any of the credit or debit cards they’ve added to their Google Account from products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome or Android Pay to easily and securely purchase items in apps, ranging from takeout food and trips to a new pair of shoes.

A tap of a new “Pay with Google” button in a supported app sends the merchant your payment information and shipping address using the information from your account, no typing required.

The merchant then handles all the details just like any other purchase.

Launch partners include DoorDash, Dice, Yelp Eat24, Fancy, Gametime, Hotel Urbano, Instacart, Kayak, Postmates, Wish and more. Some of the supported apps at launch include iFood in Brazil, Dice in the UK and Kayak in the US.

Although the feature is contingent upon merchant support for the Google Payment API, the company says it will make things simpler by partnering with third-party payment providers.

“Pay with Google” also works on the web with Chrome.