Native Union adds USB-C to their lineup of exceptional cables

It’s become commonplace at this point to use a high quality Lightning cable than those that come with your iPhone. One of our favorite manufacturers of superior cables has been Native Union. Recently, they’ve adopted USB-C as well, releasing a whole lineup of cables with the new connector type.

Externally, they are nearly identical to the previous Lightning cables, other than the connector. I tested out five of their new cables, which come in a variety of sizes and feature sets. There were a couple variants of the Belt Cable, Belt Cable XL, Night Cable, and Key Cable. Check out our video if you want to see them for yourself. Otherwise, read on.

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We’ve covered USB-C in the past. Both its pros and its cons. While the iPhone doesn’t support the standard, there are a variety of other uses. Newer hard drives use it as a connector, speakers (like the V-Moda Remix) use it to charge, keyboards connect over it, and even the latest GoPros have adopted it.

There are two primary types of USB-C cables that Native Union has released. There are USB-C to USB-C cables and USB-C to USB-A cables. Obviously it just depends which wall adapter you are utilizing in determining which cable is most useful to you.

The USB-C to USB-C cable is even useful for charging your newer MacBook. It has a solid 8ft length, and superior strength to the default cable that Apple included out of the box. The only downside, is that it is only capable of 60W of power, up to 3A. This is perfect for the Retina MacBook, or MacBook Pro 13″, it is a bit underpowered for the 15″ pro. The 15″ can utilize up to 87W of power, so 60W can be a tad underwhelming.

Night Cable

The Night Cable is one of my favorites. This is the USB-C version of the Lightning on we looked at in the past. What makes it unique, is the weighted, adjustable knot that helps keep it on your desk/nightstand.

It is also exceptionally long, at 10 feet, making it ideal for hard to reach outlets. It has USB-C on one end, with USB-A on the other.

Belt Cables

Belt Cable is pretty much the standard cable from Native Union. They come in three lengths, 4ft, 8ft, and 10ft.

They all have a leather and metal belt to keep the cord organized when not in use.

There are USB-C to USB-C as well as USB-C to USB-A, so you have options in both length and connector type, depending on your use.

Key Cable

This is another of my favorites, that is unlike others we’ve seen on the market. It features that same signature knot as the Night Cable, but on a smaller scale. There is a rubbery connector on the end that goes on your keyring, and allows you to keep the cable with you on the go.

Wrapping it up

Depending on how new your accessories are, you may not have a need for USB-C at the moment. But the standard is progressing fast with products being announced every day that have started to adopted it. Soon, nearly everything that uses USB will jump over to the superior USB-C standard instead. As that happens, and you are looking for nicer, higher quality cables, you should keep Native Union in mind. They have a large lineup in a variety of configurations and sizes.

Native Union’s cables are available over on Amazon in a range ¬†of sizes, colors, and adapters. They start off at $24.99 and go up to $39.99. You can view the lineup, over on Amazon.

How is your USB-C collection coming along? Are you starting to have new accessories that embraced the standard? Let us know below.