Sudoku Master Edition is a cleanly designed option for puzzle fans

Sudoku has been a favorite puzzle pastime for many people for a long time. There is no shortage of Sudoku apps on the App Store, but many of them feature clunky designs that are not very aesthetically pleasing. Sudoku Master Edition by Hoolatron Studios is a cleanly designed and customizable app for fans of Sudoku and casual players looking for a solid mobile option.

Customizable design

I was pleasantly surprised by the plethora of customization options available in this excellent app. The amount of options are surprisingly long, so as opposed to giving you a description of each option, here is an exhaustive list for you:

  • Customizable app icon
  • Light and dark theme
  • None, light, medium, and heavy grid styles
  • 26 different fonts to choose from
  • Customizable number, highlight, and empty highlight colors
  • “Zen Mode” which hides the score and timer for a pen and paper experience
  • “Challenge Mode” which limits you to 4 mistakes
  • “Autocomplete” to fill in the rows, columns, and squares with only one empty cell
  • “Quick Mode” which eliminates all fully used numbers from the number bar
  • “Auto Remove Notes” to automatically remove all notes from cells once a match is made
  • Hide status bar
  • And more!

It goes without saying that this is a ton of customization options, especially for a Sudoku app. It is not something that everyone will want or care about, but for those who do, it is a welcome convenience to be able to craft the perfect app experience according to your specific individual preferences. Every combination I have tried has been aesthetically pleasing, and there is an excellent chance you will find something you will like.

Standard gameplay

The gameplay of Sudoku Master Edition is pretty much as you would expect since not much variation can be inserted into a puzzle game that has been set in stone for more than 100 years. If you are not in the know about what Sudoku is, the object of the game is to fill in a 9×9 grid of cells with the digits 1 through 9. Each row, column, and 3×3 square must hold all of the digits 1 through 9, but no more than one of each of those digits. It may sound confusing if you have never played before, but once you give it a try, it will make more sense.


Sudoku Master Edition is a solid and enjoyable app for fans of Sudoku and people who are looking to get into popular puzzle game. The app is not equipped to teach you how to play, so if you are a complete beginner you may consider looking into Sudoku apps that are more guided. You may, however, be able to learn the basics from an easily searchable how-to online.

Regardless of how you get there, this app is a nice, clean, and functional go-to app for enthusiasts and casual players alike. Sudoku Master Edition is available for free on the App Store.