Try out the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X sizes in real life

Apple doesn’t make a habit of letting anyone get their hands on their new phones before release, except for a few reporters. That means many people are left making assumptions on the size of the new devices. So we decided it would be a good idea to make a few mock-ups for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X that you could print out in real life. That way you can compare the sizes and see which suits you best.

The iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus are almost exactly the same sizes as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, so we don’t have any surprises there. The real question is how the iPhone X fits into the lineup.

While everyone has been gushing about the screen of the iPhone X, or Face ID, I’ve been super intrigued by the size. The iPhone X is narrower than the Plus models, and shorter as well. Even though the screen is technically larger. In fact, it is almost the same size as the iPhone 7/8. To me it is incredible that you essentially get the Plus-sized screen in the smaller body. I love my iPhone 7 Plus but it can be a bit unwieldy at times, especially reaching left to right when holding one-handed.

You can check all the tech specs in Anthony’s full comparison, but in this situation, the main specs we are going to look at is the height and width.

  • iPhone X: 5.65 in x 2.79 in
  • iPhone 8 Plus: 6.24 in x 3.07 in
  • iPhone 8: 5.45 in x 2.65 in

Print your own

To print your own, download our template.

Now just open the file, and print. However, you need to make sure the document doesn’t scale when you print. On printer popup window, if Scale isn’t showing, hit the Show Details button. Now where it says Scale, make sure it is at 100%.

Wrapping it up

The iPhone 8 is about to launch, and the iPhone X is still a bit away. I hope that getting to try both phones in your hand, inĀ some fashion, helps you to make a decision. If it turns out the X isn’t for you based on size, you don’t have to wait to find out, and can jump on the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. Let us know what you think of the sizes down below in the comments.