Nomad’s new cases are great for the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X

The iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are just on the horizon, which means ostensibly millions of people are going to be looking for cases for their new devices. Nomad has recently released five new cases that work not only on the iPhone 8 and X, but the iPhone 7 series as well.

The five new cases include a clear shell with a leather accent, a clear folio with a leather front, a traditional leather folio, a leather case snap-on case, and a leather snap-on case with credit card slots. We got to go hands on with a few of the cases in this video. All of them use a combination of microfiber lining, polycarbonate PTE rubber for grip, and Horween leather.

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Horween Premium leather

Nomad has been known to use Horween leather in the past. If you’ve purchased any of Nomad’s leather goods in the past, you can vouch for the quality of this leather. I personally have been using Nomad’s Horween leather Apple Watch band for some time now, and it looks so much better after months of wear. This isn’t a case or a leather that is going to stay pristine like the day you got it. It will mar, it will scratch. But that all just adds personality and character.

The Horween Leather Company where Nomad sources their leather is a tannery that has been operating in Chicago for over a hundred years. They know what they are doing, and their product speaks for itself.

Credit card snap-on

My favorite of the cases is the snap-on leather case that holds two credit cards on the back. I hate carrying a wallet and have long been an advocate for these style cases.

The edge of the case is rubbery, while the buttons inlaid in it are a bit tougher and more plastic-like. The inside is covered in felt, and the back in that premium Horween leather. Nomad says that all their cases were tested to withstand a six foot drop, which is fairly dramatic. Most people drop their phones from merely waist high.

The downside of my favorite is that it is the only case in the lineup that does not support wireless charging on the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. This is a big downside because I know I will be wanting to try out some new charging pads and docks. Luckily, that means all the other cases do support wireless charing.

Buy for $39.95

Leather folio with clear case

The leather folio is one of the nicest folio cases I’ve tested. I can’t wait to see how it breaks in over time because it is a bit stiff at the onset here.

There are three card slots, and an extra pocket on the interior. In total, you can hold six cards as well as a few bills or business cards. I obviously wouldn’t overstuff it, but it should do enough for the majority of people.

I also tend to like the clear case. There is a non-clear option that is just made of leather, but the clear one is different, and allows you to see your phone through the shell. It will be interesting to see how this stands up over time.

Buy for $44.95

Clear leather case

There was much internal debate here at iDB whether the clear case was good, or bad. I think it is really going to depend on the person, but I will say it portrays itself better in person than in promo footage. The only part I don’t love is the frosted rubber edges around the case.

Buy for $39.95

Wrapping it up

You’ve got many choices for your new iPhone case. We’ve featured many of them! Nomad’s tend to have a bit more attention to detail and class than most, and they’ve always had a soft spot in my heart (and sometimes my wallet).

If you are in the market for a new case, and want to try out one of Nomad’s new line, you can find them over at their online store starting at $39.