Soft handmade leather iPhone X case by Nodus Collection

Taking an early bet, Nodus Collection has pre-product samples ready for the upcoming iPhone X. Having reviewed Nodus cases in the past, it was no surprise to me the British company nailed this update for the new flagship Apple handset, by not changing anything. I am excited to admit, this updated option is just as amazing as the first two versions. If you like portfolio style cases and soft hand stitched leather, step inside for more.

Nodus Collection Access Case for iPhone X

The following video is for the iPhone 6/7, but all of the features remain consistent with the upgraded iPhone X version.

Nodus started making products in 2013, focusing on phone cases and minimalist wallets. They claim their products are built to last and having used them for the previous two years, I can vouch for this claim. I even carry their Compact 4 Card minimal wallet every day. My wife uses her Nodus Shell case for iPhone 7 all the time. While my wife’s case is a little beyond the “broken-in” phase, she still loves it.

I can hear you accusing me now… “you are getting paid for this post!” or “if you are going to write an ad, it needs to be clearly marked.” Right. This isn’t an ad. I am not getting paid by Nodus to write it. They did give me their updated Access Case for iPhone X and I do really like it! Stop reading if you think this is unfair.

The first thing you notice, even before the box is opened, is the smell of that fine hand-stitched leather. It comes in a cool little box, wrapped in a soft baggie, and you can still smell the leather. Having used multiple Nodus products over time, it is their leather that I like so much. Over time, the patina and vintaging of the natural leather just makes it all the more visually pleasing and it even gets softer with age.

Considering I don’t have an iPhone X yet, I cannot tell if the new device will fit perfectly. However, it was made clear to me, they are very confident in their precise measurements, but don’t ask them to explain. Insert winky face. I can confirm my iPhone 7 fits almost perfectly, but is just slightly too small.

Inside the portfolio design is a stash sleeve, to the left for a few bills and receipts. To the right is their genius attachment system. Other case makers rely on bulky plastic harnesses. I hate those. Nodus uses a full length micro suction pad, which contains millions of microscopic suction cups. You simply press your iPhone X down on the pad and it sticks! You can add and remove your iPhone as many times as necessary without residue, because there isn’t adhesive, or loss of adherence. Having used a version for iPhone 6 and 7, I actually vouch for it holding up in real world situations and it makes you look like a boss in the board room.

The case is shipping in late October, but you can pre-order yours today in Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black, Dark Teal, or Taupe Grey. I have always gone with the classic Chestnut Brown. It is 44.99GBP ($59) and they will ship to the US, no problem, for free.

To return to your accusations… is this post biased? If liking soft, hand-stitched, intelligent products that last over time is biased, then yes.