Review: the high quality leather cases from Nodus Collection

Nodus Collection Access Case

Nodus Collection, which I reviewed exactly one year ago, is back in-action with updates for iPhone 7 and their wallet collection. If you remember the article regarding the iPhone 6 versions, it was a gushingly positive exposé about their high quality leather, excellent craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Be warned, this is another one of those glowing reviews. However with a Black Friday twist, you can nab one for yourself at 25% off, or donate the savings to ShelterBox, supporting relief in areas hit by natural disaster or global conflict.

Black Friday for a Cause

Shelterbox, as the name suggests, focuses on providing shelter to those displaced or suffering from crisis, whether natural disaster, political unrest, or similar scenarios. The organization believes a simple creed, that shelter is a human right. Through Shelterbox’s efforts, the organization delivers boxes of supplies, containing the necessary tools to repair or create, shelter. Instead of offering a one-and-done single kit, Shelterbox communicates with those in need and caters the materials shipped to match the disaster and need of the area.

In the last three years, more than 100,000 Shetlerboxes have been shipped to those in need. Nodus Collection is teaming with Shelterbox to continue their aid efforts. Where Black Friday comes into play, is the enormous amount of dollars that flow through retail locations over the weekend. Nodus Collection co-founder Alex Boswell hopes to raise funding for Shelterbox by tapping into the retail weekend and encourages customers to offer their discount as a donation to the relief organization.

How can you help?

Nodus Collection is offering a sitewide 25% discount on their merchandise, using code BLACK25. Alternately, purchasing any product without applying the coupon code will donate your 25% would-be-savings to the Shelterbox efforts.

We wouldn’t ask you to give up a discount without offering our own donation. I am making a direct $100 donation to Shelterbox, to encourage our readers to order a Nodus Collection case and gift their 25% savings to the cause. You get an amazing case and help an amazing cause!

Nodus Collection sent me an Access Case, Shell Case, and Compact 4 Card wallet to tinker with for the past few weeks. Check out some notes below or read last year’s review of these offerings.

Access Case

Before you jump into ordering a case, you can be ensured it is an incredible investment. These are the second set of cases I received from Nodus; this time they are updated for the iPhone 7 and the new camera bump. The new cases are specific to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, witch small changes to match the new form factor.

Personally, I love having a professional looking case, if I am going to use one. Frequently traveling for business, having my iPhone protected and professional in appearance are important factors to a good case. The portfolio style Access Case surrounds iPhone in fine grain, perfectly smelling, leather. A microfiber lining keeps the device cradled in a safe environment, while a micro-suction strip holds iPhone in place.

The micro-suction strip deserves its own attention. Many cases use a 3M non-permanent adhesive, but its effectivity depletes over several uses. Micro-suction is non adhesive, which does not wear out with time. It is a pad of mini suction cups that grips the device and rigidly holds it into place. I feel perfectly confident whipping it around with my iPhone securely in place.

The leather on both Access and Shell cases, along with the wallet, is supple, soft, and well-tailored. Having used the Access across a few weeks, it already has a nice patina coloration and is breaking in very nicely.

Access Case is £54.95 (~$68.29), comes in several colors or even a journal style flipover case. Using code BLACK25 earns you 25% off, or pay full price to donate £13.73 (~$17.06) to Shelterbox.

Shell Case

Shell Case is a slip-in style case with protection on all six sides. A microfiber interior ensures your device is not damaged by the case. Additionally, a small magnet is embedded into the case back, which pairs with an included adhesive magnet for your car, kitchen, or other area where you need to grab the device at a moment’s notice.

The case is thick enough to completely cover the iPhone 7 camera bump and a cutout allows access to the mute switch, but it is a little hard to actuate through the opening. Power and volume rockers are easy to toggle, even though they are covered by the leather.

I found myself switching to the Shell Case, when I was on the go and just needed a little bit of stylish protection. Many compliments were passed my direction while using it!

Shell Case is also £54.95 (~68.29), but can be discounted by 25% with code BLACK25 or pay full price to donate the £13.73 (~$17.06) to Shelterbox.

Compact 4 Card

nodus collection compact 4 card wallet

In matching leathers, Nodus Collection also offers a line of wallets, both compact and more traditional. They sent over the Compact 4 Card wallet for me to try with the cases. Having been on the prowl for a compact slim wallet for a while, I was excited to receive it. First, I love that the leather matches the case, giving a very ‘complete’ feeling to carrying both. Second, the wallet, like the cases, is very soft and quickly breaks-in. Close stitches around the edges look great and also hold everything tightly together. Thin and lightweight, it is exactly what I was hoping to find: a professional, slim line wallet that only holds exactly what I need as an every-day-carry.

Naturally, this wallet is for people with only a few cards and maybe a couple bills. A small pocket can also hold a key, inside the cash slot. With RFID blocking, your content is safe, but the outer pockets still allow for contactless payments.

If you are looking for a wallet to round out your collection, the Compact 4 Card is £44.99 (~55.91). Use code BLACK25 for 25% off, or pay full price to make a donation to Shelterbox.