The premium leather Nodus iPhone case collection

NODUS Access iPhone iPad splash

The smell is what first grabs you. After receiving several Nodus items since their inception in 2013, it is the smell, every time, that first catches my senses. Maybe, it is the long trip across the pond from the UK that lets the leather scent build up in the box. Cracking open the package on any Nodus Collection item springs forth the best premium leather smell you will find on an iPhone case.

Certainly, there are many other things that make the Nodus line exceptional, but you can tell the attention to detail by smelling the quality of leather. It is something that should not be overlooked, when investing in a nice case.

Having attended CES for the last three years and milling over case after case, this is truly something incredible. It is leaps and bounds above Apple’s similar leather cases. Step inside for your next iPhone case purchase and a great Black Friday special discount.

Nodus Shell Case

If you are a regular iDB reader, you will know that I recently fell off the review wagon. It has been many months since I willingly took a product to analyze, but when Nodus reached out, there was no question I would come out of my short retirement to consider their product.

NODUS Shell Case

The Nodus Shell Case is the newest addition to the line up. At its basic level, the Nodus Shell Case is a standard clip-on shell that you can find anywhere. You can find a shell case on Amazon for mere dollars. With six-sided protection, you can even lay the device face down and the front side rails will prevent any screen contact with the surface, just like most cases. And that’s where the comparison ends.

It is in the details, where the Nodus shell completely separates itself from the competition. The smell I so affectionately appreciate, comes thanks to imported full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather and microfiber interior. With premium quality leather, the case is soft, yet sturdy. I wouldn’t call their leather supple, but is a pleasure to hold and will break-in during continued usage.

Boasting a polycarbonate core, which is hand wrapped in the Italian leather exterior, it more than covers the protruding iPhone 6 camera and then some, leading me to believe it could absorb a fall. However, it does make the mute switch a bit difficult to operate. The volume and power buttons are covered, but easy to feel and operate thanks to debossed outlines around the hardware button locations. Bottom ports are easily accessible and open, but if you have a thick 3.5mm headphone plug, you may have a little struggle.

NODUS Shell Case magnet mount

One of the biggest line updates is the Nodus Micro Dock, which is a square CNC milled magnetic puck, which is only 20 x 20 x 6mm. It is small and not unattractive with an anodized and high polish finish. The Micro Dock is included and compatible with the Nodus Shell and Access cases. Using a 3M adhesive pad, it can be located on most any surface. Importantly, it makes a very strong connection with both cases and offers more versatility.

The only complaint about the case, is dust collection in the camera port opening. Importantly, this is an issue with every case on the market. If there is an edge that will collect lent and you toss it in your pants pocket, you are sure to find dust collecting in the openings.

This is the first case I placed on my new iPhone 6s. I don’t particularly enjoy using cases because they can take away from the high quality feeling of an Apple device. However, the Nodus Shell Case has not left my device since I received it. It feels great and I highly recommend it.

Nodus Access

NODUS Access iPad iPhone

I was first exposed to the Nodus Access line last year, when I reviewed the iPhone and iPad version of the case. I encourage you to read my full review, but the short version: I was extremely impressed. This continues with the popular line update.

The Nodus Access case is another Italian leather design for iPhone and iPad. A fold over portfolio style case that includes a single inside slip for money or a couple credit cards. The phone does not sit in a harness. Instead a very strong micro-suction pad clings to the iPhone back. Consequently, you can set and remove your device at will. I highly prefer this style because it gets rid of bulky clip in alternatives, but does not use a semi-permanent adhesive. If, say, a 3M strip was used, the iPhone could not be removed and replaced as wanted.

Like the new Shell Case, Access now includes the same magnetic docking option. The case comes with a single Micro Dock, to place as desired, around the home, office, or vehicle. This simply gives the already excellent case a bit more versatility in your daily routine. If you are looking for a premium leather case, that covers your screen with a quick pocket for small items, this is your case.

The Access Case does not intend or try to be a full wallet case. It is minimalist in design, form, and function. If you are looking for a catch-all case for every card in your wallet, plus cash, and a picture of the kids, there are plenty of less impressive solutions waiting for you on Amazon.


In conclusion, I really love both of these cases for different reasons. I prefer the Shell Case for its simplicity. I prefer the Access Case because of its elegance, professional look, and a quick place to stash my cards. Yes, this entire article is a gushing review of the Nodus Collection. However, I would remind readers, this is not a sponsored post. With little free time, I only take reviews for products I am predetermined to love and this is a great example.

Black Friday Special

Nodus is offering both a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal and they are good from Friday through Monday! Using code “BLACK25” or “CYBER25” at checkout, will award you a 25% discount on list prices.

Nodus Shell Case comes in Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black or Yellow for iPhone 6/Plus for £49.99 retail ($75).

Nodus Access Case portfolio comes in with Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black or Yellow for iPhone 5 or 6/Plus for £34.99 retail ($52). It is also available for iPad Air £99.99 ($150) or Mini £89.99 ($135) retail, in the same colors.