Perfectly cradle iPhone in leather with Nodus Access case

Nodus Acess Case Splash

It is rare to find a case I adore. Most of my hesitation stems from being an iPhone nudist, which I mention in most of my articles. Further complicating matters is my disdain for overly complicated designs or cases that interfere with the look and feel of iOS devices.

Many case companies get most things right. The protection level is perfect or the look and feel is spot on. Everyone does their thing. However, running into my third year of accessory reviews, most of the marketed cases are boring to me. In fact, my hardware review articles are quite infrequent due to the lack of truly new cases. Many companies are in their third or fourth iteration of the exact same case, merely updated for the newest iPhone form factor.

Standing in stark contrast to the mundane daily cases, Nodus introduced me to their Access collection. Even before holding the product, I thought to myself, here is a company that is doing it all exactly right. Shortly thereafter, I pillaged my mailbox looking for the iPhone 6 Plus Access case.

Pay attention to details

Nodus Access edge

Start with full grain Italian leather. The smell alone is enough to excite the senses. Yes, I am going to gush all over this case in my review. With a smooth feel and finish, the edged stitching gives a nice contrast to the otherwise completely smooth leather, save a small dimpled line on the case back, which is designed to rest iPhone at a viewing angle.

The size is just slightly larger than iPhone on three sides, opposite the spine. Also precisely cut is the camera and flash port. The hole is cut just large enough to prevent the case from obscuring pictures, but leaves no extra room. Access’ spine is uninterrupted. While some may consider it inconvenience, there is no open port cut into the leather to access the mute switch. The case must be opened to (un)mute your device. This small sacrifice is worth it to me, instead of interrupting the design for a small incision.

The case is rigid, as to stand up against bumps and dings. Don’t toss it around aimlessly, but I appreciate the protective nature of the stiff case. The turgid flap also lends to the elegance of the design. Because the case is stiff, the front opens definitively to reveal the iPhone — it does not wrinkle or bend. The spine allows the case to double back on itself for making calls, but the front does not have an earpiece slit, like some competing designs. Again, emphasis is on the unbroken and seamless leather.

All of the elegance could easily be ruined if the iPhone installation process were hampered. Similar designs use an integrated iPhone harness, where the device is clipped into a plastic holder that is molded into a leather wrap around. Other competitors use a 3M adhesion variation, onto which the iPhone is actually taped into place. When removing iPhones from this type of adhesive material, it is extremely difficult to spring it free and always leaves a residue regardless of a “non-residue” claim. Moreover, those types of device applications are not reusable.

Nodus Access Case MicroSuction

All of that is to say, again, Nodus did it perfectly. Using a technology sometimes found on iPhone docks, Nodus implemented a micro-suction technology into their case. Micro-suction pads utilize millions of tiny little indentions to form a bond with the flat device back. The pad holds iPhone fast to the case without residue, because there is no gel adhesive material. There are only tiny microscopic indentions that form a suction attachment to the device.

To retrieve the device, simply pop it off the suction pad. Re-installing is just as simple. Line up the iPhone and press firmly. Sometimes the micro-suction pads collect a small amount of dust when left unused. Simply, wet your finger and rub the lent away. No degradation is caused to the pad. The iPhone can be attached and reattached as many times as desired without degradation to the suction surface. An additional micro-suction pad is installed on the left side, holding the flap closed on iPhone’s screen. For full details, the Nodus instruction manual may be of interest.


Nodus Access look book

I received the case in mid-October and already used it more than any other iPhone case I owned or reviewed since iPhone 4. The micro-suction design is what set me off in the first place. Having an elegant, simple case is paramount. A minimalist design is made simple by the ability to quickly place an iPhone in the case and walk away. There are neither gels nor adhesives to gum things up. The Italian leather truly is premium and the tailored cut prevents adding bulk to an otherwise already large iPhone 6 Plus.

Finally, Nodus did not further complicate the form factor by making it a wallet case. Aside from one single pocket, there is no intention of making the Access case a wallet replacement. Again, a great move. The suede interior tucks into the small interior sleeve that is only going to hold a couple of business cards, a dollar bill, or maybe a credit card.

Discount Update – Thanks to Nodus for supplying a 20% discount for our readers! Simply enter “idownload20” during checkout! The offer is good until December 31.

Elegant design and thoughtful creativity make the Nodus a must have, regardless of price. At £49.99 ($78) for iPhones 6, 5/s, the price is well-matched with the competition. The sting will come for non-Pound purchasers, where the exchange rate inflates the price. If you require a specific case for your iPhone with a premium look and feel, Nodus perfected the Access case. This is undoubtedly a result of their driven attention focused on the only case in their collection.