Finding your misplaced devices with ARKit

Apple’s augmented reality framework has emerged as one of the biggest new features of iOS 11.┬áHere’s another awesome use case for ARKit: a Find My iPhone-style app for finding your lost or misplaced devices in augmented reality.

A free app called Pixie allows you to see where your lost or misplaced Bluetooth remotes, keys, headphones or other devices are, which lets you find them fast, and now it’s being updated for ARKit.

Taking advantage of Apple’s augmented reality framework as well as Bluetooth for proximity information, the app shows you the distance and direction pointer to guide you visually to your misplaced items with down to the inch accuracy.

You can also affix a tiny Bluetooth location tracker by Pixie to anything you want, like your car keys or your passport, in order to keep track of all your non-Bluetooth objects.

This is another awesome use case for ARKit.

Apple is using ARKit’s tracking and positioning for iOS 11 Maps’s new virtual reality mode so there’s hope that the company’s Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps could be updated to take advantage of augmented reality powered by ARKit.

Pixie is available free of charge in App Store.