Brilliant ARKit demo renders virtual robot commandos into video taken with iPhone 7

There’s certainly no shortage of impressive demos of awesome augmented reality apps made possible by Apple’s new ARKit framework in iOS 11, but this new proof-of-concept app from independent game developer Duncan Walker certainly¬†takes things up a notch.

Using ARKit and the Unity 3D graphics engine, Walker basically created a film experiment that puts virtual robot commanders on the street side by side with real humans.

To accomplish this, he first captured footage of real-life humans walking down the street with his iPhone 7.

As The Next Web notes, he then rendered the Unity-modeled virtual robots directly into the video, syncing the virtual objects almost perfectly to the shaky hand-held camera dynamics.

The end result looks almost too real to be believed, and here it is.

I was particularly impressed with the dynamic grounding shadows, even if they’re not perfect. Walker noted that his next experiment will put directional lights in the scene.

How do you like this new ARKit demo?

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