Safari Plus brings powerful customization options to Safari

Safari is the stock web browser on the iOS platform, and love it or hate it, the jailbreak community has come up with countless ways to customize it for the better.

One of the latest releases to benefit the Safari web browser is a jailbreak tweak dubbed Safari Plus by iOS developer opa334. This tweak brings a host of new configuration options so you can customize Safari any way you see fit.

Safari Plus covers a wide band of features, ranging from aesthetic to functional. It adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can access all of the options in one place:

There are five different sections, including: General, Action Addons, Gesture Addons, Other Addons, and Color Settings. We’ll show you each of the sections in the outlines below:


In the General section, you’ll find a number of general options for improving the user experience in Safari. Among the things you can do here are:

  • Enable HTTPS everywhere
  • Enable the ‘Open in new tab’ option
  • Enable uploading of any file from iOS
  • Enable desktop switching button for websites
  • Long-tap on items to insert them into the search/URL bar

Action Addons

In the Action Addons section, you’ll find all of the following options:

  • Change the browsing mode of Safari every time you launch the app
  • Change the browsing mode of Safari every time you leave and re-visit the app
  • Change the browsing mode of Safari every time you tap on a link and open it
  • Automatically close certain Safari tabs based on certain actions

Gesture Addons

In the Gesture Addons section, you can apply and utilize various kinds of gestures in the Safari app. Those include:

  • Choose what happens when you swipe left on the URL bar
  • Choose what happens when you swipe right on the URL bar
  • Choose what happens when you swipe down on the URL bar
  • Enable tab duplication in the background

Other Addons

In the Other Addons section, you’ll find a couple of miscellaneous options, including:

  • Enable full-screen scrolling
  • Fully disable private browsing throughout the operating system

Color Settings

In the Color Settings section, you can colorize the Safari app by configuring custom colors for both normal and private browsing mode. Among those, you can configure colors for the following UI elements:

  • The color of the overall app
  • The color of the navigation bar
  • The color of the URL font
  • The color of the progress bar
  • The color of the tab title
  • The color of the reload button
  • The color of the lock icon
  • The color of the bottom bar

For each colorization option, you are presented with a color picker, which means you can pick from an infinite pool of colors instead of a list of predefined colors. This is great because it lets you get in between certain colors and get the exact color you’re looking for.

Overall, Safari Plus is a high-quality tweak worth grabbing. It has a lot to offer in a free package, and I was surprised to see this wasn’t a paid tweak when I first laid eyes on it.

Safari Plus can be had from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and the developer has also open-sourced the tweak on GitHub for those interested in learning more about how it works behind the scenes. Worthy of note, the tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices.

What are your thoughts about the options Safari Plus has to offer? Share in the comments section below.