iOS 11 makes it a cinch to share your Wi-Fi password with nearby devices

iOS 11 provides a nifty new feature for sharing your Wi-Fi hotspot password with nearby devices, without having to type the password on another device. When a nearby device running iOS 11 attempts to connect to your password-protected Wi-Fi network through Settings → Wi-Fi, a new message informs the owner they can now request access to the network.

To request Wi-Fi network access, they simply hold their device near an unlocked iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac that’s already connected to the network. A Wi-Fi sharing card pops up on the device already on the network, resembling the seamless AirPods pairing interface.

As first discovered by 9to5Mac, the device that has the network password automatically sends it to the nearby device over the air, allowing the receiving device to quickly and securely connect to your local wireless network.

This feature uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth proximity information.

The beauty of this method, as I mentioned earlier, is that it just works—the device requesting access to your Wi-Fi network never sees the actual network password.

macOS High Sierra will support this time-saving feature as well.

Speaking of which, iOS 11 includes automated first-time setup and account login features.

For instance, a feature called Automatic Setup lets you securely import most of the settings and data to your new iPhone or iPad by holding it near an iOS device or Mac you already own, using a process that’s very similar to that of pairing an Apple Watch to a nearby iPhone.

iOS 11 is compatible with all 64-bit iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The software update will release as a free download to all customers this fall.