A real important step for safety in the car was just introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that’s currently underway in San Jose: Do Not Disturb mode while driving. Apple’s proactive assistant on iOS 11 determines when you’re driving and offers to automatically turn on DND mode via CarPlay.

With DND active while driving, CarPlay¬†won’t be showing any notifications, similar to DND mode on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And¬†if someone¬†message you while DND mode is active on CarPlay, the¬†Messages app on your iPhone will auto-respond with a message on your behalf telling the sender¬†that you’re currently driving and will be getting back to them soon.

Like with DND on iOS, DND for CarPlay allows you to¬†cherry-pick contacts whose messages will get through while you’re driving in DND mode. The Messages app on iOS 11 will¬†permit users to respond with a simple ‚Äúreply‚ÄĚ message¬†if they’d like their muted message delivered to CarPlay, as long as they’re on your whitelist.

Those and other CarPlay improvements will launch for everyone when iOS 11 releases for public consumption this fall.