WAStatusVolume brings a WhatsApp-inspired volume HUD to iOS

The jailbreak community has brought forth a myriad of different solutions for replacing the ugly stock volume HUD in iOS, but one of my favorites so far is a new jailbreak tweak dubbed WAStatusVolume by iOS developer midkin.

This tweak takes a WhatsApp Messenger-styled approach to making the volume HUD experience better by taking the same volume indicator you’d normally see in the WhatsApp Messenger app and making it available system-wide.

Shown above, you can see how the new volume HUD leaves a tiny footprint behind. Not only does this make seeing the volume HUD less of an anger-exacerbating experience, but it helps keep it out of the way so you can see more of what’s happening on your screen, which is perfect watching videos and playing games.

WAStatusVolume is fully customizable, which adds to the awesomeness. You’ll find an extensive preferences pane in the Settings app where you can configure the tweak to your liking:

Among the things you can change from the preferences pane are:

  • Togging the tweak on or off on demand
  • Enable the volume HUD on the Lock screen
  • Choose a custom delay period for the volume HUD
  • Choose how many steps each volume button press makes
  • Choose the X and Y axis positioning for the volume HUD
  • Configure custom colors for the volume HUD
  • Configure the tweak to use an Activator gesture
  • Adjust the volume HUD sensitivity
  • And more…

What I like most about WAStatusVolume is how unobtrusive it is and how it can be placed anywhere on the screen. It can be put at any one of your screen’s four corners, or right up at the top center like we have in our example above.

Those who agree that the stock volume HUD leaves a lot of be desired, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by WAStatusVolume. The tweak was specifically requested on Reddit just a couple of months ago by a user who liked WhatsApp’s approach to volume adjustment, and the fact that it was brought to fruition is a testament to why the jailbreak community is awesome.

If you want to try WAStatusVolume for yourself, it’s available for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and works on all jailbroken iOS 7, 8, 9, and 10 devices.

Do you like the way WAStatusVolume changes the volume HUD? Share in the comments section below!