You can now watch YouTube videos while you do other things on Viber for iPhone

The mobile Viber app today received an interesting update that enables a special mode for enjoying YouTube clips without having to leave the app, which  resembles iOS 9′ picture in picture feature on iPad. As part of Viber versions 6.8.2 for iOS, tapping a YouTube URL sent or received in a conversation now brings up a floating overlay that can be moved around so that you can enjoy the video in minimized view while you do other things within the app.

Aside from minimized view, you can also play YouTube clips right in your chats, inline.

Before today’s update, tapping a YouTube link would take you to its webpage in Safari or on the mobile YouTube app. The floating video player features the Play/Pause controls along with the buttons for closing the player or taking it fullscreen.

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Aside from a new way to watch YouTube clips inline, this edition of Viber has an updated online status feature allowing you to know when your contacts were last seen on the service.

Viber for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a free download from App Store.