AT&T announces new unlimited data plan: 4 lines for $180

AT&T on Thursday announced that it is expanding its unlimited data plan offering to all customers. Starting tomorrow, all customers will be able to get unlimited talk, text and data on 4 lines for $180.

The move follows a similar one by the carrier’s close competitor Verizon, who announced its own unlimited data plan earlier this week, and comes amidst strong pressure from both T-Mobile and Sprint.

Of course, as with all promotions, there is some fine print here. AT&T says the $180 price tag comes after a $40 credit for the 4th smartphone line is applied, which takes 2 billing cycles. So you’ll actually have to pay $220 per month until the credit kicks in. Also, AT&T has the right to slow down your data speeds during “periods of network congestion” after you surpass 22GB.

“We’re offering unlimited entertainment on the nation’s best data network where and when you want to enjoy more of what you love,” said David Christopher, AT&T’s CMO. The plan will be available to all post paid customers starting Friday.

Source: AT&T