Original iPhone no longer receiving cellular service on AT&T network

Your original iPhone won’t work on AT&T anymore, as first noted by The Verge. That’s because the carrier shut down its sluggish 2G network on January 1, 2017 which the handset relies on for phone calls and cellular data.

According to AT&T itself, they’ve decided to phase out the GSM 850/1900 MHz 2G network to free up resources and spectrum bandwidth for future rollouts of more advanced wireless solutions, like 5G.

Owners of the original iPhone attempting to use AT&T’s 2G network after the shutdown will be unable to make or receive calls, including emergency calls, send or receive text messages or use cellular data services for checking email, browsing the web and more.

Following the 2G network shutdown, the minimum requirement needed to operate on AT&T’s network is now 3G WCDMA (UMTS) HSPA 850/1900 Mhz Band 2 and Band 5. Devices that do not support these specifications may also be impacted by the 2G shutdown. “You may be able to keep your current rate plan when you upgrade your device, however it is possible you will need a new one,” said the carrier.

The carrier is urging customers who are still clinging onto an old 2G handset to visit an AT&T store or contact customer service as quickly as possible to upgrade to a 3G or 4G LTE device. The carrier will send you a notification regarding the 2G network shutdown if it identifies a device on your account as using AT&T’s 2G network.

The original iPhone supports only GSM 2G networks and lacks a 3G chipset. Apple recently celebrated ten years since introducing its phone which changed the mobile landscape and the entire industry.

The iconic handset has sold more than one billion units thus far. Later this year, iPhone should receive a major facelift in the form of iPhone 8 with an OLED screen, upgraded internals, all-new industrial design with glass front and back and more.

Source: The Verge