10 great gift ideas for iMac users

Gift ideas for iMac users

Welcome to the latest edition of iDB’s ongoing Gift Ideas series, where we provide curated roundups of some of our favorite products. Throughout the year we cover and test a number of devices and accessories, so we decided to use that experience to help those searching for the perfect present. Today’s roundup is focused on iMac users.

Twelve South BackPack Storage Shelf for iMac


It shouldn’t be hard to convince you why the Twelve South BackPack would make a good gift for iMac users. This slim aluminum shelf clips onto your iMac stand to hold an external hard drive, iPhone or any other sub-3.5lb object you want to keep off of your desk. It clips in both the front and back, has cable management rails, and because it’s Twelve South, you know it looks great.

You can buy the Twelve South BackPack for $35.

M-Audio AV42 Studio Monitor Desktop Speakers


Shopping for computer speakers is a fairly uncomplicated affair. Anything you buy from the local electronics dealer or department store is going to be better than nothing, and you can expect most speakers from known brands like Logitech or Klipsch to sound good. But you came here for suggestions, so I’m going to suggest the M-Audio AV42s. These are considered “entry-level” studio monitors, but they make for some spectacular computer speakers. They look sharp, sound incredible, and can connect to everything from your iMac to gaming console. Plus they have a front-facing headphone jack just in case you live in the vicinity of the recipient and don’t like their taste in music.

You can buy the M-Audio AV42 speakers for $150.

Alternative: the smaller AV32 speaker set is half the price, and if you’re looking to go more lavish, the popular KEF EGG speakers are 3x more expensive.

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter

stand desk

They say sitting is the new smoking, so if you want to give the gift of healthier work/play habits, you may want to look at something like the X-Elite Pro Desk Converter from Stand Steady. It offers all of the benefits of a convertible standing desk at a fraction of the price. There are tons of these converters out there but we like this Stand Steady for its large work surface, ease of moving up and down, and the fact that it comes fully assembled.

You can buy the X-Elite Pro Desk Converter for $175 (sale price).

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub For iMac


Here’s another cool gift idea. The Sabrent 4-port USB hub plugs into a single USB port on the back of your iMac and features a unique design so that it sits just beneath the iMac’s display, facing forward. This gives you 4 easily accessible USB ports, so you don’t have to swing your iMac around every time you want to plug or unplug an accessory. The hub blends in nicely with the iMac and it supports USB 3.0 speeds.

You can buy the Sabrent 4-port USB hub for $30.

Twelve South HiRise Stand for iMac


Just as it does with iOS devices and MacBooks, Twelve South makes a beautiful HiRise stand for the iMac. It features a sharp design, nice aluminum finish, and a hidden storage compartment for things like external hard drives or personal items. The built-in shelf supports all iMac, Thunderbolt and Cinema Display models (except the 30-inch) and the height can be adjusted to one of six positions.

You can buy the Twelve South HiRise Stand for iMac for $77.

Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac


The iMac comes with one of Apple’s keyboards, but not everyone is a fan of the flat keys and wireless connection. Sometimes you just want to hear the clickity-clack of typing, and for that we recommend a Das Keyboard. It features German-engineered mechanical key switches with gold contacts (Cherry MX Blue) and laser-etched labels to prevent fading. It also has special Mac function keys, two built-in USB ports, and an extra long (6.6-foot) cable so you can put it anywhere on your desk. It’s a little pricey, but I’ve never heard anyone say a bad thing about Das keyboards.

You can buy the Das Keyboard Model S keyboard for $166.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

mx master

As with the keyboard, some folks just don’t like the Magic Mouse included with the iMac, so they look for third-party alternatives. And easily one of the most popular third-party mice right now is Logitech’s MX Master. It features Bluetooth, a two-way thumb wheel, and dark field laser tech that allows it to work on almost every surface—including glass. Plus it can pair with multiple computers, with the ability to quickly switch between them, and its advanced power management gives it up to 40 days of power on a single charge.

You can buy the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse for $70.

WD 4TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

hard drive

External hard drives always make great gifts for computer users who don’t already have one. They allow you to keep simple, secure backups of your Mac, store space-hogging media like movies and music, and access files from multiple machines. Since we’re talking about iMacs here, we’re going to recommend a desktop external drive: the WD 4TB My Book. Western Digital has been doing this for decades, and has a reputation of quality and reliability. The latest MyBook looks sharp and supports both USB 3.0 transfer speeds and Time Machine. We like the 4TB model because of its current price-to-GB ratio.

You can buy the WD 4TB My Book external hard drive for $120 (sale price).

Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet


This is probably my favorite gift idea on the list: the Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch tablet. It’s essentially a 8.25″ x 6.7″ graphics tablet that supports both pen input and multi-touch gestures to perform a wide variety of tasks including sketching, handwritten notes, digital coloring books, photo editing and much more. It can even replace your mouse. It comes with a free Art Pack to get you started, and there are tons of third-party titles that support it. If you want to be the fun parent, friend or family member, get the Wacom Intuos Art.

You can buy the Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch tablet for $85 (sale price).

Steam Game Controller


I know, I know. Macs aren’t known for their gaming prowess. In fact, I ran into a lot of dead ends while trying to research a good game controller to recommend. But there are some cool games available for the Mac, so I figure a gamepad would make for a great gift. The one I arrived at is Steam’s own Game controller. It offers a number of advanced features such as dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, and customizable control schemes. It’s advertised as fully Mac-compatible, but from what I’ve read that may not be completely the case. Still, for the price and potential, I’d grab one.

You can buy the Steam Game Controller for $50.

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