Ottm is a stunning hardwood wrist band for your Apple Watch

Ottm Apple Watch Maple

Back in March, a really sweet Indiegogo campaign for a trio of Apple Watch wrist bands made completely of wood dubbed Ottm was announced, and now the first units are making their way from the production line over to the hands of consumers.

We’ve finally got ours after months of waiting, and we’ve excited to show you what we think about them.

Using Apple-certified Apple Watch lugs and hand-built out of hardwood for the premium quality standards they set, Ottm Apple Watch wrist bands are available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches and come in three different color options: Maple, Sandalwood, and Zebrawood.

Ottm Apple Watch Two Band Types

The smooth finish of the wood is unbelievably comfortable and it feels good on the wrist. Anyone who likes to give off outdoorsy vibes is just going to love these wooden wrist band options.

The Ottm wrist bands can be put on and removed from the user’s wrist with the stainless steel clasp, which have two buttons on either side the release the clasp’s grip with the band:

Ottm Apple Watch Clasp

All of the links in the Ottm Apple Watch wrist bands are held together by little metal pins. Like many other Apple Watch wrist bands, the Ottm bands can be lengthened or shortened based on the needs of the user.

Ottm Apple Watch Profile View

Included in the box is a nice high quality pin punch and some spare pins, as well as an extension.

Ottm Apple Watch Extension

My arm feels like it’s able to breathe a little better with the Ottm wrist bands than it does with many other material types. It may be a texture thing, but to me it’s noticeable.

My favorite design is probably the Sandalwood option because it matches the dark space gray Apple Watch metal the best, but I think the Maple Ottm looks equally as cool because it makes the darker color pop.

Here’s a short rundown of the pros and cons I’ve taken note of while trying out the Ottm wrist bands:


  • Very stylish and unique
  • Available in 38mm and 42mm sizes
  • Made from premium hardwood
  • Strong stainless steel clasp
  • Resizable for large and small wrists
  • Affordable


  • Resizing too much will wear out the wood where the pins hold the band together
  • Not ideal for wet/harsh environments

Overall, I think these are great bands. Anyone who’s into this sort of thing won’t be disappointed.

Ottm Apple Watch Wear

We’ve outlined a set of links below with all the types and sizes where you can pick one up for yourself for your Apple Watch:

Ottm Sandalwood wrist band – $49.99

Ottm Zebrawood wrist band – $39.99

Ottm Maple wrist band – $29.99

What are your thoughts on having a hardwood wrist band for your Apple Watch? Share in the comments!