PlayDismiss hides the controls in the iOS video player the moment you tap Play

iOS 9 Videos app icon full size

Do you watch a lot of videos on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad? If so, then you should check out a new free jailbreak tweak called PlayDismiss. The tweak aims to improve the experience of playing videos on the platform by reducing clutter as quickly as possible when you play a video.

What this tweak is going to do is hide all the video controls the very moment you tap on the Play button whenever you’re using Apple’s video player to watch any video. This consists of that blurred interface that appears at the top and bottom of the screen with the scrubber, forward and back buttons, and full-screen toggle button.

The tweak affects not only videos you’ve got stored in your device’s Videos app, but also those you might be streaming online via Safari.

Before you install PlayDismiss, you’ll see how the video controls remain on the screen for several seconds after tapping on the play button:

PlayDimiss Before

For many, this is really annoying because the controls end up cutting into your viewing area, leaving you unable to see the upper and lower-most edges of the video until the interface auto-dismisses itself. You could tap on the full-screen button at the bottom right manually, but this is something that really should be automatic.

After you install PlayDismiss, on the other hand, the video controls are dismissed immediately after you tap play, providing you with instant full-screen action:

PlayDismiss After

It is a very noticeable change in the way the stock video player behaves in iOS, and if you like the idea of having a non-obstructed video playing experience while enjoying your favorite movies or online videos, then this tweak is certainly a must have.

Most videos will use Apple’s video player, but not all do. The tweak doesn’t work in videos that don’t utilize Apple’s video player, so some third-party apps from the App Store may not be compatible, so this is something you should keep this in mind.

PlayDimiss can be downloaded free of cost from Cydia’s BigBoss repository on any jailbroken device running iOS 9. There are no options to configure after you install the tweak.