Battery cases for your new iPhone 7

smart case

Apple says the iPhone 7 gets up to two more hours of power over the iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 7 Plus gets an additional hour over its predecessor. But folks wanting true all-day battery life, or erratic all-weekend battery life, are still going to need some help.

That’s where battery cases come in. A battery case can double (or more) your iPhone’s battery life. There aren’t a ton of them available for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus yet, but we’ve put together a list of some solid options based on price and customer feedback.

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7

smart case

You can’t have a battery case roundup without including Apple’s Smart Battery Case. It extends your iPhone’s battery life up to 26 hours of talk and 22 hours of Internet use on LTE. Its humpback design received some initial criticism, but I think it’s growing on people. It’s not too bulky, and you get the compatibility/reliability reassurance that it was made by Apple.

You can buy the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 for $95.

Note: we initially linked to Amazon because the case was a little cheaper and offered free [Prime] shipping, but it looks to be out of stock. Of course you can always find it at

ZVOLTZ iPhone 7 3100mAh Battery Case

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I’m not real familiar with the ZVOLTZ brand, but it has a number of well-reviewed products on Amazon and it offers a 1-year worry free warranty. It’s also less than half the price of Apple’s battery case. The built-in battery is 3100mAh that the manufacturer says can “double the lifespan of your iPhone 7 battery life.” The case is MFi-certified, and supports pass-through Lightning charging.

You can buy the ZVOLTZ battery case for iPhone 7 for $45.

Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case for iPhone 7

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Trianium is also not a very broadly known brand, but I come across their products a lot in doing research for Daily Deals and the feedback in generally positive. The Atomic Pro battery case for the iPhone 7 features a 3200mAh battery, LED status lights, and sync-through charging technology. It also comes with Trianium’s “lifetime warranty.”

You can buy the Trianium Atomic Pro battery case for iPhone 7 for $40.

Mophie Hold Force Case with Powerstation for iPhone 7

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If you’d rather stick to well-known name brands, here’s an option from popular accessory maker mophie. It’s not an all-in-one battery case, though, it’s a modular case. So you buy this base layer that has embedded magnetic plates, and you can buy various add-on accessories for it like a wallet and yes, a battery pack. Sure, it’s different, but we felt like it was worth mentioning.

You can buy the Hold Force Case with Powerstation for iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus for $100.

QCell 4000mAh Slim Battery Case for iPhone 7

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This battery case from QCell is the #1 new release in its category on Amazon. The claim is up to 163% more battery life with the built-in 4000mAh power pack. Features include dual layer design for added protection, sync-through charging technology, and a 12-month warranty with lifetime technical support.

You can buy this QCell 4000mAh battery case for iPhone 7 for $48.