How it’s made: black iPhone 7

iPhone 7 jet black back camera

I’m sure you know that Apple’s new iPhone 7 series brings two new finishes to the mix, replacing the previous Space Gray colorway.

Both are black, but one gives you classic anodized matte appearance while the other results in a highly glossy look and feel. The matte one is called simply Black and the glossy is referred to as Jet Black.

Wondering how they’re made?

Good, because Apple’s now shared a video in which it shows off a brand new manufacturing process it had to develop in order to create these new dark looks.

Check out the manufacturing processes that give black iPhones almost sinister, Darth Vader-like appearance in the video below, narrated by design guru Jony Ive.

“The new jet black finish is accomplished through an innovative nine-step process of anodization and polish for a uniform, glossy finish,” says Apple. “Achieving its beautiful, high-gloss black finish even required a new process”.

Insert your own “shut up and take my money” animated GIF here.