New video shows off three different iPhone 7 dummies in crisp 4K resolution

iPhone 7 dummy 003

I known we’ve had enough of uninspiring iPhone 7 mockups. Also, dummy iPhone cases like this one are a dime a dozen on Chinese sites like Ali Express as vendors have always been eager to produce rumor-based iPhone housings to gain free press.

That said, the 4K video you’re about to see offers a different look at three iPhone 7 dummies—one is 4.7-inch and the other two are 5.5 inches—in line with questionable rumors that Apple could ship two different versions of the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

Because the video is in 4K resolution and as such provides a good look at the iPhone 7’s supposed iPhone 6s-like design, we’re posting it here for the sake of discussion.

Here’s that clip.

Don’t forget to click the embedded video’s settings menu to select 4K resolution, and then go full screen to enjoy it on your 5K iMac.

Again, these are simply mockups that someone created from unconfirmed iPhone 7 rumors that have been swirling around for months now. The video was posted to YouTube by an account thank links to a third-party Japanese iPhone reservation store.

iPhone 7 dummy 002

If you need another proof that these “iPhones” are dummies, look no further than the the model number “A1429” that identifies an iPhone 5 model, though the lack of Apple fit and finish and plasticky side buttons also give them away, so there’s that.

Source: Bshop Kuwa on YouTube