Apple offering up to $200K for vulnerabilities in new bug bounty program

iPhone 6 space gray Touch ID

Apple on Thursday launched a new bug bounty program, in which it will pay researchers cash for discovering vulnerabilities in its products. The announcement was made at the annual Black Hat security conference by Apple’s head of security engineering Ivan Krstic.

Several major technology companies, such as Microsoft and Google, have long offered similar programs, but Apple has remained a holdout until now. The iPhone-maker will pay anywhere between $25K and $200K for exploits, depending on where it is and what it does.

The bug bounty program is invitation-only, at least for now, and researchers must provide a proof-of-concept on the latest iOS hardware. In an interesting move, Apple says if you’re willing to donate your bounty to an approved charity, it will match it—up to $200K.

Source: TechCrunch