CoySIM lets jailbreakers get rid of annoying No SIM alerts on iPhone

CoySIM No SIM Alerts iPhone

If you have more than one iPhone sitting around because one is your older handset and the other is your daily driver, then chances are your older iPhone no longer has service and may or may not still have its SIM card inside of it.

CoySIM is a new free jailbreak tweak that makes it so your iPhone won’t constantly pester you with alerts and Status Bar indicators all because you don’t have a SIM card installed in it.

We’ll show you how the tweak works in this review.

Ridding yourself of No SIM alerts

The iPhone 5 I use for jailbreak tweak testing no longer has cellular service; I have a daily driver iPhone that does, but since my iPhone 5 doesn’t carry any service, I went ahead and removed the SIM card a long time ago.

The ongoing annoyance I have is that the Status Bar shows No SIM and annoying alerts show up on the Lock screen and when I unlock my iPhone after every reboot or respring, and yes, it certainly does get very annoying.

For me, that’s why my iPhone 5 always has Airplane Mode enabled, so I don’t have to look at the annoying No SIM indicator in the Status Bar. Instead, I allow the Airplane Mode icon to display, and I enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth separately so they can work even when Airplane Mode is enabled.

Overall, do I feel satisfied with that solution? Partially, but I wish there was a better way to make the Status Bar look cleaner and to keep those alerts from constantly popping up.

CoySIM – effects and configuration

CoySIM is a jailbreak tweak that basically rids you of all those Lock screen and Home screen alerts that tell you no SIM card is installed. It also lets you replace the “No SIM” text in the Status Bar with “No Service,” or with a Zeppelin icon of your choice.

CoySIM No Service Instead

I don’t know what it is, but I think there’s something a little bit more attractive looking about the subtle “No Service” indicator rather than the almost-all-caps No SIM indicator.

Nevertheless, having the alerts disappear from view is handy in itself for me, because I know this iPhone is never getting a SIM card or any type of service again.

The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you can toggle on or off the main features, which include SIM card alerts and changing No SIM to No Service in the Status Bar:

CoySIM Preferences Pane Options to Configure

For those with Zeppelin installed, which is the tweak that lets you add icons to your Status Bar, you can disable the carrier SIM card name altogether.

A respring is necessary to save nay changes you make to the tweak’s settings, so keep that in mind.

My thoughts on CoySIM

For others who are in a similar predicament as me, CoySIM provides a doable solution that lets you carry multiple devices with or without service and with or without SIM cards without having to see those annoyances that would otherwise eat at you.

I personally love the idea, and I can tell you right off the bat that this tweak is going to stay on my jailbroken iPhone 5 for as long as I have it jailbroken, just because I don’t have a SIM card to put into it anymore and the alerts iOS throws at me are ultra annoying.

Understandably, it’s a niche tweak that not everyone is going to have a use for. It really only appeals to those who have iPhones without service plans anymore.

Nevertheless, as it’s a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, there’s nothing to miss out on if you feel the tweak isn’t for you.

Wrapping up

When it comes to SIM cards, the iPhone can be really finicky; it hates not having a SIM card inside of it, whether you have service or not.

With CoySIM, which can be downloaded and installed on any jailbroken iOS 8 or iOS 9 device, you can make it look like you have a SIM card in your iPhone even though you don’t, and this means getting rid of various annoyances that iOS is programmed to put into your path to remind you to put one in.

What are your thoughts on CoySIM? Share in the comments below!