Will iPhone 7 camera support laser auto-focus?

iPhone 7 backplate leak 001

Recently leaked images of a purported iPhone 7 backplate have since puzzled technology watchers, who scratch their heads over an additional hole that sits between the rear iSight camera and the LED flash. iPhones already have one hole on the back for a microphone that improves Siri reception and suppresses background noise during phone calls.

The addition of another hole—assuming, of course, that the latest leak is genuine—may be used for yet another noise-cancellation microphone. But according to Czech website LettemSvetemApplem, citing a user on China’s Weibo social network, the new hole probably indicates that the iPhone 7 will support laser auto-focus.

And if LG’s 2014 handset, which first added this feature, is anything to go by then we can expect that laser auto-focus will enable better low-light photography and help speed up the iPhone’s auto focus feature.

Yet another possibility: laser auto-focus may be for the selective focus feature, which would stem from Apple’s Lynx acquisition and the rumored dual-lens camera on the back of the iPhone 7.

Selective focus would permit users to re-focus the image after it was snapped.

iPhone 7 backplate leak 003

Provided the image top of post is genuine, the iPhone 7 should have no visible seams on its back as the antenna bands now appear to run along the top of the device, elegantly tapering off at the sides.

Is this leak someone’s Photoshop work or the real deal, do you think?

Source: LettemSvetemApplem (Google Translate)