Wallpapers of the week: sky

_macinmac_ iphone wallpaper sky splash

Our continuing Wallpapers of the Week section intends to provide quality images for your iOS devices every Sunday afternoon. The section focuses on iPhone wallpapers, but we have been known to throw in some desktop or iPad wallpapers along the way.

Aside from jailbreaking, changing your device wallpaper is one of the quickest and easiest ways to customize your experience. This week, download natural beauty, as each image focuses on the sky.


The selection below is curated by @_macinmac_. If you are looking for a steady supply of great wallpapers with absolutely no commentary mixed in, give the account a follow.

If you would like to submit wallpapers to me for consideration, catch me on Twitter via @jim_gresham. Make sure the images are pre-formatted for the latest iOS devices and give credit where due, if the image is not your own.

_macinmac_ iphone wallpaper sky sunset beach

Download: iPhone

_macinmac_ iphone wallpaper sky desert

Download: iPhone

_macinmac_ iphone wallpaper sky dock

Download: iPhone

_macinmac_ iphone wallpaper sky yosemite stars half dome

Download: iPhone


AR72014 Nature wallpapers splash

Visit: May 17, 2015