Get up to $200 off any iPad when buying iPhone on installment plan from T-Mobile

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T-Mobile, a Deutsche Telekom-owned wireless carrier, today revived its tabled bundle offer with a cool new deal: you can get fifty percent off up to $200 on any iPad model if you purchase a new iPhone from the carrier on an installment plan. You must purchase both an iPhone and iPad from T-Mobile in order to qualify for this time-limited promotion.

As mentioned, your iPhone purchase must be financed with T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan. The rebate is provided on a prepaid MasterCard card up to eight weeks after your purchase.

New tablet bundle offer from T-Mobile

If you buy an iPhone on an installment plan, you can get a brand new sixteen-gigabyte 9.7-inch iPad Pro for $399, a cool $200 savings over its $599 starting price.

In addition to “any new iPhone and iPad”, customers can buy another flagship phone like the Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 series on Equipment Installment Plans in order to get up to fifty percent off any tablet purchase, as long as it’s from the same brand.


Both promotions are launching tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at T-Mobile stores, authorized dealers, 1-800-T-Mobile and through T-Mobile Care. And later in April, they will be available on

Promotions galore

Moreover, the company is luring families with up to four lines with unlimited talk, text and data and up to ten gigabytes of LTE data each (no sharing) for $35 per line.

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Yet another limited-time offer from T-Mobile gets you half off any iPhone when you buy a second iPhone and add a line (the rebate is provided in the form of a prepaid MasterCard card).

Earlier today, the carrier added sixteen new services to its Binge On and Music Freedom offerings. Just recently, T-Mobile scored big with the announcements that it’s added YouTube as a Binge On partner.

Source: T-Mobile