Firewatch wallpaper for iPhone and desktop

Firewatch wallpaper splash

Available now for Steam and Playstation 4, Firewatch is a new action adventure puzzler set in 1989. Manning an outpost, Henry descends into the wilderness, exploring an unknown environment. Receiving acclaim for its stunning visual imagery, Firewatch is the focus of our Wallpapers of the Week.

Thanks to a tip from @AppleGeek97, we pulled the selected wallpapers directly from the Firewatch blog. Inside, grab three wallpapers for iPhone or desktop, each highlighting the scenery from a simulated Wyoming naturescape.

Firewatch wallpaper

Below, the images are selected for iPhone and Desktops at 16:9 resolutions. If you are looking for additional resolutions, visit the post directly for a variety of desktop and device options.

Images for the Wallpaper of the Week section are found around the Internet, tipped by readers, or submitted by artists themselves. To submit considerations, catch up with me via @jim_gresham.

Firewatch Wallpaper desktop 2560x1440 yellow

Download: Desktop; iPhone

Firewatch Wallpaper desktop 2560x1440 green

Download: Desktop; iPhone

Firewatch Wallpaper desktop 2560x1440 orange

Download: Desktop; iPhone

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