Jailbreak tweaks of the week: AttachmentFlow, NoMoreMissed, and more

Tweaks of the week

It’s been a relatively quiet week for Cydia, but there have been some nifty jailbreak tweak releases this week that are worth trying out. In this piece, we’ll show you our favorites that we had the opportunity to try first and then recap on the rest of the releases afterwards.

The best of this week

Despite some of the smaller tweaks released this week that don’t offer a whole lot of function, there were some releases that impressed us, and these are the ones we found the most exciting that we’ve decided to share with you first:

AttachmentFlow – $1.99


AttachmentFlow is my favorite release this week because it offers a type of functionality that I can actually see myself using on a daily basis. With this tweak, you can preview attachments from e-mails in your inbox directly from your inbox without even having to open your e-mails to see them.

With configurable options, you can tailor this tweak to work just how you want it to, serving your favorite filetypes and ignoring those that you don’t care so much to see. You can even preview files right from the inbox view and access sharing options, which is also a very useful feature.

For more about how AttachmentFlow works, head over to our review.

NoMoreMissed – $1.50


NoMoreMissed is also a solid release that we showed you this week, and it’s a solid release because it has a legitimate reason for existing. The problem with some notifications is that they appear when you’re busy and you completely forget to respond to them as you continue throughout your busy day.

This tweak’s intention is to help you remember your notifications by allowing you to set custom intervals and reminders that will remind you of your notifications over and over until you acknowledge them. The notifications that the tweak supports include those from the Messages app, Phone app, and even from supported third-party instant messaging apps from the App Store.

You’ll be able to read more about how the tweak is configured and what apps it supports in our review.

Other releases this week

ArtistCarrier: Sets the name of the now-playing artist as your carrier text in the Status Bar (free)

BlacklistSwitcher9: Lets you hide specific apps from the App Switcher (99¢)

BlurryDock: Adds a dark blur effect to the Dock (free)

Clex (iOS 9): A new music control interface ($1.99)

ColorStatusBar: Lets you colorize and stylize your Status Bar (free)

FlatChevron: Makes the bottom chevron in Notification Center flat (free)

ForeverNotification: Keeps notifications on the Lock screen until you dismiss them (free – review)

iKeys: A platform for theming and styling your keyboard (free)

iName: Sets your device’s name as the carrier text in the Status Bar (free)

IOS9MonsterHunter: Provides cheats for the Monster Hunter game for iOS (free)

PrettyRespring: Changes the respring screen to be more aesthetically pleasing ($1.00)

RouteFaker: Allows you to simulate travel routes with a fake location ($4.99)

In addition to this week’s tweaks, you can head to last week’s week-end recap to see what you’ve missed.

What are your favorite jailbreak tweak releases this week? Share in the comments!