How to disable Home screen rotation on the iPhone 6s Plus [jailbreak]


I appreciate my iPhone 6s Plus’ ability to display the Home screen in landscape mode, but in practice I rarely use it or even want it. With a stock iPhone 6s Plus, there’s no way to prevent the Home screen from rotating without turning off rotation altogether. But a new jailbreak tweak called Nuus will allow you to isolate rotation locking to just the Home screen.

Nuus Rotation Lock Home screen

You can download Nuus free of charge from the BigBoss repo. It’s a tweak that works with both the iPhone 6 Plus and the newer iPhone 6s Plus.  Once installed, the tweak begins working immediately. I tested it out, ensuring rotation lock was disabled, and the Home screen remained in portrait mode even when rotating the phone on its side.

Nuus features no options or settings, which is unfortunate. I think it would be nice if there was a rotation lock toggle that just applied to the Home screen that could be adjusted from the preferences. I also think that it would make a handy Flipswitch toggle as well.

Again, Nuus is available right now for free on the BigBoss repo. Share your thoughts about the tweak down below in the comment section.