Alpatronix BX140 iPhone 6s battery case is thin and powerful

Alpatronix BX140

Around the holidays, we find ourselves using our tech gadgets even more than normal. Whether we are taking photos and videos of the kids, trying to find Aunt Linda’s new house with Google Maps, or simply trying to pretend we are somewhere else while Cousin Bob repeats that same story about the time he hand-fed a squirrel for the fifth time, our iPhones are getting a workout. Which also means our batteries are getting a workout, too.

The Alpatronix BX140 is an iPhone 6s case with a 3100 mAh battery pack that will juice up your device while you are on the go. It is fairly thin, as battery cases go, and comes with a separate bumper cover, so you don’t have to keep the charger case on all of the time.

The BX140 features a lightweight lithium polymer 3100 mAh battery for fast charging with a slim profile. It uses smart charge technology and automatically deactivates when your iPhone 6s is fully charged, saving the unused juice for when you need it later.

It is Apple MFi certified, so you can connect your iPhone to your computer using the included USB cable to sync and transfer data. It also comes with a 3.5mm pass-through adapter so you can connect any headphone jack without worrying about whether it will fit.

Thanks to the forward-facing speaker holes, you can get a better sound from your iPhone 6s than without. The sound is redirected to the front grill instead of traveling out of the bottom.

Each case comes with two bumpers, on in the base color and one in a translucent red, pink, blue, smoke, purple, clear, or green. When you don’t want to use the charging base, you can remove it, leaving just the bumper as your corner-protecting case.

The Alpatronix BX140 comes in black, gold, silver, and space gray with various bumper combinations. On Amazon, they range in price from $35 to $40, depending on your color preference. There is also a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for $45.