TravelCard: the ultra-thin charger that fits in your wallet


Leaving the house knowing your iPhone battery might not make it through the day is something we’ve all experienced. The easy solution is to bring your charger along, or even an external battery pack. That’s great if you’re out an about with a backpack or something where you can store the extra accessories. But what if you want to travel light? Enters TravelCard, an ultra-thin charger that will actually fit in your wallet.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. TravelCard is not meant to provide your iPhone with an incredible amount of  extra power. Instead, the accessory is made to give you an extra boost that can actually fit in your pocket. Portability and convenience really are the best features of the TravelCard, and that is something to keep in mind.

Because of its limited size, it only has 1,500 mAh capacity to offer. For those wondering, that equals to an increase of about 50 to 60% of additional battery on an iPhone 6s. That’s of course not enough to provide a day worth of iPhone usage, but it should be more than enough to get your iPhone that little extra push it needs to end the day.

As big as 4 or 5 credit cards stacked on top of each other, the TravelCard weighs 1.9oz (57 grams). Unless you use one of those super slim wallets, it should be able to fit in your wallet. If not, it will definitely fit in the back pocket of your pants without adding any noticeable bulk

A previous version of the accessory came with a micro USB cable to charge the device. This new version has a built-in USB charging cord that makes the accessory slightly more convenient as you don’t have to look around for that cable anymore.

Simply plug the built-in USB cord into any computer or wall outlet to charge the TravelCard. Once fully charged, use the built-in MFi-certified Lightning cable to give an extra power boost to your iPhone. The fact that both the USB and Lightning cables are built-in definitely adds convenience to the TravelCard.

In my testings, I was able to go from 1% to 55% of battery in just about one hour on my iPhone 6s. As previously mentioned, this probably won’t be enough for road warriors that need much more power than that, but again, that is not the goal of TravelCard.

Selling for $34 (including free worldwide shipping), TravelCard offers portability and convenience, which for some users might just be what’s needed. Others looking for more juice won’t find the TravelCard a good fit, and might want to look at more powerful battery packs. Personally, I’m sold on the TravelCard. This is not something I want to use every day, but it’s definitely an accessory that I’ll bring along when going out knowing my iPhone might not make it through the day.

The TravelCard comes in grey, black, red, blue or silver, and is available with either a Lightning or micro USB cable. It’s available for $34 for the next couple weeks. After that, it will go to its regular price of $49.