Take your iPad into the deep end with the OverBoard case

OverBoard waterproof iPad case

There are many reasons why someone would want to take their Apple tablet near or in a body of water. Reading by the poolside is one activity. Grabbing video of an Oceanside snorkel is another. If you know your iPad is safe underwater, you might be more likely to take it on an adventure.

OverBoard’s waterproof iPad case is a universal pouch that is specially designed for underwater use up to 19 feet deep. So, checking your email at that swim-up bar is now possible.

The case, which is more of a pouch, sports a special sealing system to keep water out. It has four sliding mechanisms at the top, which are designed for worry-free sealing.

It is made from polyurethane with floatation support. The company guarantees the case with a waterproof rating for up to 19 feet deep.

It comes with a shoulder strap and a carbiner clip so you can keep it close by without having to hold it in your hand the whole time. There is also a small strap on the backside that you can slip your hand into to hold onto the tablet easier.

Since it is a pouch, there is no access to ports or buttons. However, the clear front covering is touch screen compatible. The backside of the case is opaque, but there is a large clear cutaway for the rear camera. Since the pouch is universal, you may need to do some finagling in order to get the rear camera lined up properly.

The OverBoard waterproof case iPad case costs $50 and is available on Amazon, where it has a four-star rating.