How to pair a Bluetooth controller with the Apple TV

SteelSeries Nimbus Bluetooth Controller Pairing

I finally got around to opening my SteelSeries Nimbus, and that gave me a good opportunity to check out the Apple TV pairing process for Bluetooth controllers. As you might imagine, the process is ridiculously easy and straightforward, especially if you have a device like the Nimbus, which was designed with the Apple TV in mind.

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Click Remotes and Devices

Step 3: Click Bluetooth under Other Devices

Step 4: Turn on the Bluetooth controller

Step 5: Click on the controller when it shows up under Other Devices

Nimbus Paired

And that’s it. Your Bluetooth controller should now be able to not only control games, but also provide you with basic control over the Apple TV interface itself. The SteelSeries Nimbus features a Menu button in the middle of the controller that’s used for navigating through the Apple TV’s menus, and I presume any controller made with the Apple TV in mind will feature a similar button.

Are you using a Bluetooth controller with your Apple TV? If so, which controller did you buy?