Apple TV 4 supports stereoscopic 3DTV content

Apple TV fourth generation future of television teaser 001

Your brand spanking new Apple TV does a lot of nice things pretty well, and some really cool ones Apple hasn’t even mentioned officially.

As first discovered by developer Steve Stroughton-Smith, the set-top box can actually render stereoscopic 3D content provided an app has implemented the functionality and the customer owns a 3D-enabled TV set to enjoy it on.

Specifically, he has identified stereoscopic 3D support within Pangea Software’s Bugdom 2, which has been refreshed in the App Store to work on the new Apple TV.

Pangea later confirmed on Twitter that all of its tvOS games will have built-in support for 3DTVs. Some work still needs to be done in terms of 3DTV support in Bugdom 2 as the in-game menus and overlays are not yet 3D-ready.

In addition to owning a television set that can render 3D content, you will also need 3D glasses to enjoy stereoscopic 3D games on the big screen.

Aside from Pangea games, I couldn’t find other examples of 3D stereoscopic games for the Apple TV 4. At the very least, we now know for a fact the Apple TV hardware is capable of stereoscopic images on supported TVs.

Still, lack of 3DTV content continues to be a major problem. Disregarding some movies and PC games, our entertainment continues to be 2D and I don’t envision that changing in the near future.

At any rate, it’s really neat that Apple’s box does have support for 3D technology and that some developers are now embracing it is even cooler, isn’t it?

If you own a 3DTV, do check out Pangea’s games for the new Apple TV, they’re free to download if you already own them on your iPhone and iPad.

Source: Steve Stroughton-Smith