Report: the iPad Pro Pencil will ship with an adapter for Lightning cable connections

iPad Pro Pencil Adapter for Lightning

Good news: when you want to charge your iPad Pro Pencil, you won’t necessarily have to look like a doofus when you do so.

Prior to today, it was assumed that the only way to charge the iPad Pro’s Pencil stylus was to plug it into the bottom of the iPad Pro itself. The Pencil’s cap features a Lightning plug hidden underneath, and Apple showcased its ability to charge it by plugging the device directly into the iPad Pro’s Lightning port.

While this method of charging works, and is extremely handy when you need a quick bit of extra juice on the fly, it looks incredibly goofy to have a stylus protruding out of the top of the iPad Pro, especially because the iPad Pro is so big itself.

Today, 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple plans on shipping the Pencil with an adapter that will allow users to connect the device directly to a Lightning cable. The adapter will reportedly ship with all Pencil’s, which come as a separate purchase from the iPad Pro itself.

Apple Pencil image 001

Here’s what the Pencil looks like plugged into the iPad Pro’s Lightning Port

According to 9to5Mac’s report, the Pencil’s adapter will allow it to charge via any USB Lightning cable. That means that said cable can be hooked up to a wall outlet or connected to a computer. The adapter itself contains an small orientation indicator, which shows you which end that the Pencil should be inserted.

Sources say that this adapter will act as a secondary charging solution, but if you’re anything like me, this will be the primary charging solution. I’ll only use the direct iPad Pro connection when I’m desperate for a charge.

The good news is that the Pencil adapter (we should call it the eraser 🙂 ) will be included for free, and won’t require a separate charge. That’s, of course, outside of the price of a Pencil, which will retail for $99. What do you think about Apple’s decision to include an adapter?

Source: 9to5Mac