Tweetbot 4 launches with iPad and landscape support, Statistics, Activity and more

Tweetbot 4 activity stats

At long last, Tapbots’ widely expected update to Tweetbot, its popular mobile Twitter client, has gracefully landed on the App Store. Twitter 3 for iPhone, which was last updated in July 2015, and Twitter for iPad, an outdated app that saw its last refresh back in June 2014, are no longer available for download in the App Store. Replacing them is Tweetbot 4, a universal app supporting any iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 9.0 or later.

Tweetbot 4 packs a bevy of new features like Quick Reply from notification banners, landscape support, revamped profile views, split-screen multitasking on iPads, Activity and Statistics analysis and much more.

Tweetbot 4 is a $4.99 download for both new and existing customers.

The user interface has been cleaned up and streamlined for unified appearance across your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device. In addition to landscape support on all form-factor iOS devices and being a universal binary, the new Tweetbot introduces all-new Statistics and Activity views.

Tweetbot 4 photo profile

Statistics and Activity views

These new modes were designed to give you a better idea of how trending your tweets are and how many new followers you get each day. And if you’re on Wi-Fi and not cellular, you can even watch your tweets get faved, retweeted, mentioned and quoted in real time, as well as see your daily global activity graph grow over the last 7 days.

Landscape mode

Turn your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad upside down and Tweetbot 4 enters a nicely designed column view, which puts your list, search result, mentions, statistics or activity stream in a single column.


Other parts of the app have been rethought, redesigned and moved around, too. For instance, mute filters now provide more granular settings and you can now reply to direct mentions and other Twitter notifications by pulling down on Tweetbot’s notification banner to reveal the text input field (similar to Quick Reply for Messages).

Tweetbot 4 for iOS teaser 002

User profiles and status details have been redesigned and, yes—Tweetbot supports iOS 9’s new Split View multitasking mode on the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4.

Oh, and the app bakes in full support for external keyboard shortcuts in Tweetbot 4 for iPad, allowing you to bring up an overlay listing all of the available shortcuts based on the view you’re in.

Tweetbot 4 for iOS iPad screenshot 001

For a fully comprehensive overview of everything that’s new in Tweetbot 4, I couldn’t recommend more MacStories editor Federico Viticci’s detailed review.

Tweetbot 4 highlights

The following changes and new features are available in Tweetbot 4:

  • iPad support (Universal)
  • Landscape support on iPhone and iPad
  • New Statistics and Activity view.
  • New Column view in landscape on iPad and the iPhone 6 Plus
  • Split View multi-tasking on iPad
  • More granular mute filter settings
  • Quick Reply from notifications
  • Safari view controller with support for content blockers
  • Improved user profiles
  • Improved status detail
  • Refreshed user interface
  • Many optimizations ender the hood

Other notable features include:

  • Support for 3rd party services
  • Add multiple accounts
  • Powerful mute filters
  • Push notifications
  • Customizable navigation (iPhone)
  • Save and edit tweet drafts
  • Edit and view lists
  • Wi-Fi timeline streaming
  • Timeline sync across multiple devices
  • Send images in direct messages
  • Night theme for low-light reading
  • Smart gestures to quickly access tweet details, reply, retweet and favorite.
  • Status display customization

In addition to Tweetbot 4, Tapbots is currently working on a Tweetbot 2.1 for Mac update which includes various updates to match the features found in Tweetbot 4.0 for iOS.

Tweetbot 4 teaser 001


Tweetbot 4 requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 9.0 or later. The app is English-only so non-US customers may need to change their regional preference in Settings to United States.

Tweetbot 4 is $4.99 in the App Store, a fifty percent launch discount valid for a limited time. Again, there is no free upgrade path for existing customers.