13 tweaks to check out this weekend

Cydia Expert mode iPhone 6

We’re just days away from Apple unveiling new iOS devices and likely providing an official launch date for iOS 9. With new software come new challenges, and of course the continuation of the cat and mouse game. If rumors hold true, a jailbreak for iOS 9 might never happen. We shall see, I guess. In the meantime, let’s enjoy what we have now.

BackupAX Command-Line Edition: The command line version of BackupAZ tool ($2.99)

BBM+: a suite of tweaks for BBM (free)

beINairPlay: lets you use AirPlay in the beIN Sports app (free)

BetterShutDown: an improved power down menu (free)

ColorFlow 2: modifies the Music app, Lock screen, and Spotify to match the album artwork($1.99)

Earth LockScreen: puts a rotating Earth on your Lock screen (free – review)

Indago: a floating browser for your iPhone ($1.99)

InstaBetter: a suite of tweaks for Instagram (free)

InstaTools: lets you zoom, download and share photos on Instagram (free)

Keek: give you a quick glance at apps in Control Center ($1.99)

NoSafariHistory: disables browsing and search history in iOS 8 (free)

QuickVolumeHUD+: dismisses the volume HUD quicker than normal (free)

SafariSearchHider: hides searches from history in Safari (free)

If I had to pick a favorite this week, it would probably be Indigo, although I must say that Earth LockScreen is pretty cool too. Did you try any of the tweaks? If so, which one can you recommend?