How to use the iPhone’s proximity sensor as an Activator gesture


ProximityActivator is a recently released tweak that adds a new proximity sensor gesture to your list of Activator gestures. This makes it possible to perform certain actions simply by waving your hand in front of your iPhone.

In the video example that follows, I’ll show you how I can invoke the App Switcher by waving my hand in front of my iPhone 5’s proximity sensor.

ProximityActivator serves as an Activator plugin, in that you’ll find a section for the tweak inside of Activator’s preferences upon installation.

You’ll also find a standalone dedicated preference panel in the stock Settings app for ProximityActivator, which will link you to create an Activator gesture using the proximity sensor as a means for invocation.
ProximityActivator Preferences

From my tests, ProximityActivator worked well. Keep in mind that it can only be used when the your iPhone is unlocked and awake, but that’s to be expected.

ProximityActivator can be had for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’re keen on using the proximity sensor in new ways, then you’ll surely find this tweak to be must try.

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