Apple seeds public beta 2 of OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan

In addition to iOS 9, Apple on Wednesday seeded the second public beta of OS X El Capitan to testers. The release comes just a day after beta 4 of El Capitan was pushed out to developers and two weeks after the first public beta.

The new build is available to registered public testers who are already on beta 1 via the Updates section of the Mac App Store, or through the beta web portal as a standalone download. You can enroll in the program by clicking here.

As with iOS 9, today’s El Capitan public beta is identical to beta 4 that was released to developers yesterday. We have yet to spot any noticeable changes in the software over previous betas, but its performance is always improving.

And that’s really the theme behind OS X El Capitan. Yes, there are a few user-facing changes such as a new Split Screen mode in Mission Control, and a new system font, but for the most part, all of its upgrades are under the hood.

Apple is expected to make OS X El Capitan available to the public [non-beta] sometime this fall.