iPod touch 6th generation receives the teardown treatment

iFixit iPod touch 6th gen teardown

The iPod touch 6th generation may have taken forever to finally arrive, but it took almost no time for the boys and girls over at iFixit to give it a proper teardown.

As we noted in yesterday’s full review of the 6th-gen iPod touch, this device is a marked improvement over the previous generation, and features the same powerful A8 processor as the iPhone 6, and double the RAM of the 5th-gen iPod touch. But that’s not all that’s new in this refresh. Be sure to check out iFixit’s teardown for a full breakdown of all of the music player’s components.

Here’s a listing of all of the technical components found inside of the new iPod touch:

• Toshiba THGBX3G7D2KLA0C 128 Gb (16 GB) NAND flash
• NXP LPC18B1UK ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontroller (M8 Motion Coprocessor)
• InvenSense MP67B 6-axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer
• Universal Scientific Industrial 339S0231Wi-Fi Module
• Broadcom BCM5976 Touchscreen Controller
• Texas Instruments 343S0645 Touchscreen Controller
• Apple 338S1116 Cirrus Audio Codec
• NXP Semiconductors 1610A2 Display Interface Controller
• Texas Instruments 6573 Power Management IC

Ultimately, the device was hit with a repairability score of 4/10. That’s not very good, but it does beat the lower 3/10 score posted by the 5th-gen touch.

Now that you’ve gotten the chance to let the arrival of Apple’s new iPod touch sink in a bit, what are your thoughts on the device? Does the confirmation of the extra RAM and the faster processor move the needle for you?