Be ready for anything with this five MFi certified Lightning cables pack

iCXX Lightning Cable five-pack

I used to have about a half-dozen extra iPhone charging cables lying around. I own about that many iOS devices. But, those were for the 30-pin ports. When the Lightning cable was introduced, my supply dropped to only two.

iXCC has a low-price five-pack of MFi certified Lightning cables in varying sizes. So, you can keep one in the car, one in the bedroom, one in your travel bag. Well, you get the point.

The Element Series value pack includes one mini cable that measures only four inches long. Plus, there are three three-foot cables for your basic needs and one six-foot cable for when you need a longer reach.

The connector is about two millimeters wider than Apple’s Lightning cable. It will work with most cases, but there are those few that are designed specifically to fit the width of Apple’s connector, so keep that in mind when shopping.

The cords have been certified to work with devices running iOS 8 and above. They will continue to be supported with future iOS updates.

The Element Series value pack, which includes one four-inch cable, three three-foot cables, and one six-foot cable, is available from Amazon for $30. You can also buy individual cables in the same size for about $7 to $9 each. Individual cables come in black or white.