T-Mobile unveils 10GB per person family plan

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T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier Amped initiative continues unabated with Tuesday’s announcement of a brand new plan which offers families of four a cool ten gigabytes of high-speed 4G LTE data each, in exchange for an average monthly fee of $30 per person.

The way it works is this: two lines get ten gigabytes of data per line for a total of $100 per month ($50 per line), with a third line getting the same 10GB allowance in exchange for $20 per month and a fourth line being offered at no additional charge.

If you do the math quickly in your head, that’s a total of $120 per month for four lines, each with 10GB data allowance.

The fourth line will be provided free of charge only if you sign up between today and Labor Day holiday on September 7. If ten gigs of 4G LTE just isn’t enough for you, the carrier will happily double that to 20 gigs for an additional $10 per month per line.


This time-limited offer applies to Family Plans only and is available in all T-Mobile stores, including telesales, and with many of the firm’s partner dealers. It will also be available online “in the next few weeks.”

The carrier allows customers who take advantage of this promotion to mix and match between 10GB and 20GB data amounts. “10GB are included with your plan, and an additional $10/month gets you 20GB for each person who needs more data,” explains T-Mobile.

The new plan comes with standard Un-Carrier perks like unlimited data, talk and text, Music Freedom, no overages, Wi-Fi calling, Data Stash and more. Current Simple Choice families can switch to the new 10GB plan starting tomorrow and can keep their plan as long as they stay on it.

Here’s T-Mobile’s John Legere:

It’s no surprise Verizon’s spent what looks to be over $100 million in just two months promoting an $80 data plan with 10GB everyone has to share. The catch is, it’s not actually an $80 plan. You can’t actually use any of that data until you pay additional ‘line access’ fees for data you’ve already bought.

So, when they say $80, they actually charge a family of four at least $140. And that’s to share 10GB. Leave it to Verizon to push a plan that gives you a pile of data you can’t use unless you fork over more in hidden fees.

For more information about the new family plan, check out T-Mobile’s website.

As part of its Un-Carrier Amped moves, T-Mobile has also rolled out the new JUMP! On Demand plan which allows you to upgrade to a new phone three times per year and unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data in Canada and Mexico.

Source: T-Mobile