App icons disappearing after jailbreaking iOS 8.3? There’s a fix for that

UIKit Tools

Have you encountered an issue with disappearing icons on your jailbroken iPhone? You’re not alone. Quite a few users have complained about the issue after jailbreaking using the TaiG tool for iOS 8.3.

Today, saurik has pushed an update to UIKit Tools to fix that issue. The update, which is version 1.1.10, now officially supports iOS 8.3 and all previous versions of iOS.

TaiG UI Cache Obsolete Delete

To install the update, simply refresh Cydia, and you’ll see a prompt for an essential upgrade. The “essential” part of the upgrade is actually the TaiG uicache package, which is no longer needed, but was marked as essential. As such, saurik has created an obsolete package for TaiG uicache which is empty. After updating, users will then be able to delete this obsolete package.

With this said, choose Complete Upgrade on the Essential upgrade pop-up box to pull in all updates, including the updated UIKit Tools. After updating, you should no longer experience the issue with disappearing app icons.

Were you experiencing an issue with missing icons? Did this fix your problem?