Video: life, death and black-market reincarnation of an iPhone, seen from its point of view

App Store on iPhone
Most smartphones are built to last until a user’s two-year contract expires, and that’s just a fact of life. True, iPhones tend to last markedly longer than the industry average but even their life expectancy isn’t particularly long either.

To capture the essence of what being an iPhone is like, filmmaker Paul Trillo set out to create a smart and funny movie depicting what the world’s most popular handset typically goes through in just twelve months before it’s replaced with a newer, sexier model.

Titled “The Life and Death of an iPhone” and seen entirely through the lens of an iPhone, the movie details one iPhone’s inception and takes us through its life, death and ultimately its black-market reincarnation.

And here it is.

What’s particularly interesting about the project is that Trillo shot and edited the entire movie on an iPhone, using Vimeo’s new camera and video editing app called Cameo, a free download in the App Store.

Source: Vimeo via Gizmodo

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