Incipio Feather Case for iPhone 6 is ultra thin and protective

Incipio Feather iPhone 6 case

Due to the larger size of the iPhone 6 frame, it is more important than ever to have a case that is as slim as possible. However, ultrathin does not usually provide protection beyond scratch resistance.

Incipio’s Feather case is ultrathin and offers some minor protection from drops thanks to its foam padded lining. Of course it is ultrathin so don’t expect miracles.

The exterior of the case is made from a high-density polycarbonate material with a soft coating to help with grip. The back of the interior is lined with ethylene-vinyl acetate foam for a slight bit of shock absorption. Keep in mind that this is an ultra thin case. It is not intended to fully protect against drops. However, the additional lining increases your odds a little.

The case is form-fitted and snaps to the back of your iPhone 6 with button control and port cutaways for convenient access. The back-facing camera port is lined with a flash-diffusing ring so you will avoid reflective issues. The case may be ultrathin, but it is thick enough to cover the camera’s protruding lens so it does not sit flush on flat surfaces.

This case does not extend above the edge of the iPhone 6, which means the screen is entirely exposed. There is no lip whatsoever. However, since the case doesn’t even reach the edge of the iPhone 6, it is completely compatible with even the thickest of edge-to-edge screen protectors.

The Feather iPhone 6 case comes in black, clear, light blue, pink, red, and turquoise. It is available for $10 on Amazon. There is an iPhone 6 Plus version available for $14.

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